Volunteer Signup

Volunteers are 'Witnesses' for Guinness.

We need literally hundreds of volunteers to observe the event.

Why Volunteer?

[1] Guinness requires 2 witnesses

At all times. 24/7. If we don't get volunteers we have to hire people which means less to donate.

[2] Google donates $10/h for each hour!

...if you are a Googler. That means more to donate!

[3] Community Service requirements

Great for high-school students who are behind....

[4] Moma badge for Googlers!

[5] FORM swim goggles $25 coupon.

[6] FORM swim goggles raffle!

See below.

Volunteer Duties

  1. Watch the swimmers (day and night) to verify they don't stop.
  2. We provide snacks, caffeine, a warm blanket and a part of history :).
  3. Sit on the pool deck or indoors. There will be chairs, shade and wifi.
  4. Anyone except 'close friends and family' of swimmers can volunteer.
  5. You can sign up for as many slots as you like. 4hr sessions preferred.

Raffle Tickets!

Each volunteer session gets you more more and more tickets!

1 session: 1 ticket.

2 sessions: 4 tickets.

3 sessions: 9 tickets....etc.

You chances to win grow exponentially!


  • 1st prize: FORM swim goggles! Worth $200!
  • 2nd prize: Free USMS dues for next year!
  • 3rd prize: A google swim cap filled with lifesavers.

First Prize in the Raffle

The only swim goggles with a smart display that delivers metrics like split times, distance, and more—intelligently, as you swim. Developed in collaboration with top competitive swimmers and coaches, the FORM Swim Goggles are the missing piece in every swimmer’s swim bag.


Corporate Sponsorship